In the latest of a series of maid abuse cases that have prompted Indonesia to temporarily ban domestic workers from coming here, 36-year-old Mautik Hani from Surabaya died from her injuries in hospital, a week after being rescued.

Her employer, 35-year-old market vendor A. Murugan, his wife and mother were arrested but only Murugan was brought to court Friday to face a murder charge.

"The investigation showed he had subjected her to a lot of abuse and there were many injuries on her body," prosecutor Manoj Kurup told AFP, adding that Murugan faces death by hanging if convicted.
"We are not charging the wife and the mother," he added, but declined to say why or give further details.
Hani was discovered at her employers' home last week, found by another Indonesian cleaner hired to replace her who noticed a foul smell coming from a locked bathroom.

Police said when she was found, her arms and legs were bound and she had bruises all over her body. Among her injuries was a serious wound to her right leg through which the bone could be seen.
Local papers reported Hani had been abused by her employers almost daily during the two months she worked at their home.

One of Asia's largest importers of labour, Malaysia depends heavily on domestic workers, mainly from Indonesia, but has been criticised for its lack of action to protect their rights and regulate their working conditions.

Indonesian maids typically work seven days a week for as little as 400 ringgit (113 dollars) a month.
In May, Kuala Lumpur announced plans for new laws to protect domestic workers from sexual harassment, non-payment of wages and poor working conditions.

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