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JAWATAN KOSONG: Pekerja Dirumah Diperlukan

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bagan Pinang : OTK kalah Chua juga KALAH so what NEXT untuk MCA

Real-time results for mca egm

  1. Malaysian_normal GoMalaysian [MCA EGM] 3rd Resulotion: Agree 1110, Disagree 1184, Ong TK Win 1 minute ago from TwitterBar    
  2. Julian_southparkavatar090729c_normal julianhopkins RT @Khairykj: My source tells me OTK has prevailed at MCA's EGM. 1 minute ago from TweetDeck    
  3. Fire_normal CathKiew MCA EGM results official now.. what's next... maybe this result will seals MCA fate once and for all... 1 minute ago from web    
  4. 010740553_normal chunwai09 MCA EGM: OTK lost in no faith motion, lost by 14 votes. CSL fails to be reinstated as deputy prez., lost by 74 votes. A mess now in MCA. 1 minute ago from web    
  5. 2009-10-03_143430_normal kohkw RT @staronline: MCA EGM: Recount now being conducted on one of the three resolutions as the difference in votes is 1%. 1 minute ago from Gravity    
  6. Malaysian_normal GoMalaysian [MCA EGM] 2nd Resulotion: Agree 1204, Disagree 1095, Chua SL Win 2 minutes ago from TwitterBar    
  7. Ssgp2565_normal wj_lee RT @GoMalaysian: [MCA EGM] 1st Resulotion: Agree 1155, Disagree 1141, Ong TK Win 2 minutes ago from Echofon    
  8. Malaysian_normal GoMalaysian [MCA EGM] 1st Resulotion: Agree 1155, Disagree 1141, Ong TK Win 2 minutes ago from TwitterBar    
  9. Bow_tie_picture_normal joveylee Mca egm 4 minutes ago from MGTwitterEngine    
  10. Cimg4015_normal zadilhanief No one prevails at MCA EGM. 5 minutes ago from UberTwitter    
  11. Dsc00012_normal simkeanhong MCA EGM - close fight.... 5 minutes ago from web    
  12. Alan_18021_normal Alan_See Still waiting for MCA EGM spread faster in twitter than news media.. 8 minutes ago from web    
  13. Brand_normal 1malaysia My source tells me OTK has prevailed at MCA's EGM. 8 minutes ago from twitterfeed

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