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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bagan Pinang : Khalid Samad HERO, Hassan Ali DIBENCI

Thomas Foo: Dear YB Khalid Samad, you speak with a deep sense of truth. Proud to have you as a leader. You make Islam proud. You are a true Muslim. PAS needs more Khalids.

Wilfred: Well said, YB! PAS should have more elected reps who think like our Shah Alam MP if it wishes to broaden its appeal to the moderate and liberal thinking Malaysians.

Our fear is that the top PAS central leadership is in agreement with Hasan Ali's actions and statements than with Khalid's, as indicated by the PAS number two's statement recently.

If only Hasan could think and behave more like Nizar Jamaluddin in Perak who could work well with the other Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties even after they lost power.

S Chandrasegaran: Dear YB Khalid, thank you. History will judge you correct long after you are gone. Be brave - fight for truth and justice. We will always remember you dearly.

John Smith: The real issue here is that the resolve to prosecute wrongdoing is faltering. I only hope that if Pakatan can win the 2012 election they will not hesitate to bring every BN injustice, fast-tracking, unfair allocation, dodgy transaction, case of corruption perpetrated during the last 50 years through the courts until there is not a single crooked politician outside of prison.

Raja Chulan: Be wary of Hasan Ali. He is the trojan horse in the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor. Even Mahathir Mohamad says that he has had very bad experience earlier with this fellow. We better believe Mahathir on this one! My advise to Pakatan is to keep this fellow out of any strategic plans that you are making.

Louis: Khalid Samad, you make me proud to have an MP like you - a man of principles. Unlike Hasan, you know the gravity of sins committed by the beer drinkers as opposed to corrupt officers.

A beer drinker brings suffering to him or herself. A corrupt officer steals the public money and causes the rakyat to suffer. Yes, you have cornered Hasan. It is best that he resign from Pakatan and PAS.

Kgen: What relevance is there for Teoh Beng Hock's family and friends to be subjected to psychiatric interviews? Are they trying to prove that Teoh's family and friends are raving lunatics for not believing that he committed suicide?

This case gets more ridiculous by the day. Do they expect the public to swallow all this rubbish? The extent to which this BN government goes to protect some killers is astounding.

Fairplay: If there is such necessity for Teoh's character witnesses to go for psychiatric interviews, then shouldn't our Bolehland government send those MACC officers to be interviewed by the forensic psychiatrist as well?

Daniel Collin Lazaroo: The use of forensic psychiatrists to assist in the investigation is not a bad thing, actually. Rather, such investigations are very much part and parcel to conducting investigations. It is very much necessary to determine state of mind of the witnesses, and if possible, of the 'victim' here - these are relevant to any evidence that is submitted to the court.

Assuming that psychiatrists and psychologists are only for the 'insane' or for 'lunatics', is a very stereotypical and false understanding of what psychologists and psychiatrists actually do.

In a country like Malaysia where psychiatry and the practice of psychology is not really regulated by an appropriate governing and ethical body, I do wonder what the convention and regulation for the practice of psychology in a forensic setting really is.

What are the regulations? Who regulates the forensic psychiatrists? I am unaware of what the answers to these questions are. Does anybody have an idea?

Ghkok: Najib Razak attending the launching of a non-BN party - this is really unprecedented. Najib telling Samy that the non-BN party will pull in Indian votes - now, that's unimaginable.

That's like Najib giving Samy a big slap in the face - in front of all his friends!

Sang Kancil: If MIC can be equated to the three stooges, then the Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) is made up of Tom and Jerry characters. Both have zero support of the Indian masses.

Yuvan: Umno has actually belittled S Samy Vellu and the MIC by openly inviting and supporting MMSP. But then why should Samy Vellu think that MIC should be the only Indian-based party in the BN coalition?

Samy Vellu knows that MIC has lost a lot of ground in the Indian community. If he wants Indians to support BN again, why not accept MMSP (and even IPF) with an open heart and work with them.

Why should MIC leaders always see other Indian-based parties as a threat? Having said that, I personally do not expect MMSP to garner much support from the Indian community. It has to do a lot of hard work to convince that it has the Indians welfare at heart and that it will not be 'managed' by Umno.



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