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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T4TBH : 9,990 Ronnie Liu's feng shui number

Ada cerita baru di blog T4TBH. Menarik dan tak sabar-sabar nak tunggu next posting.

Petikan dari blog T4TBH : We continuing with how Ronnie Liu steal the rakyat money from Selangor govt and put it into private acount for DAP benefits.

The election was March 08. From July 08 the Pakatan govt already in charge of the Selangor govt fully. So from July 08 Ronnie Liu start giving many of the contracts to his cronies. The money come back to DAP. 

DAP steal money from the rakyat but never share with Pas and PKR. So DAP get all the money but Pas and PKR carry all the risk also, because if this corruption exposed in the public, PKR and Pas will suffer also.

From July 2008 Ronnie Liu give out 83 contracts for more than $200,000 to one crony Wong Chun How in Sungai Pelek only - just one kawasan. Sungei Pelek is BN seat in Selangor but just like UMNO, the Pakatan never give any money to the BN ADUN in Sungei Pelek. They pass the money only for Pakatan cronies through Ronnie Liu. Ronnie Liu is ADUN for Pandamaran but he also is in charge of Sg Pelek (which is BN ADUN). more @ T4TBH

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