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JAWATAN KOSONG: Pekerja Dirumah Diperlukan

Friday, September 25, 2009



1. I received a call last night from a retired Army General of the Royal Malay Regiment raising his concern after watching some shocking news coming from the Sultan of Pahang which was shown on TV. His phone call led me to browse through the online Mainstream Media (MSM) and the online alternative media. It was buzzed with the news of the Sultan of Pahang had called upon the people to continue to support the BN government while officiating the opening of a bridge in Pahang.

2. I was equally shocked to hear what was uttered by HRH Sultan. In my mind, HRH has overstepped his professional, Royal and legal boundaries. His act of crossing of these boundaries worries me as it might lead to bigger things in this country especially after the action of the Sultan of Perak and the King (Sultan of Terengganu) in handling the Perak and Terengganu constitutional crisis respectively.

3. The law is very clear on the role of a Sultan. His role includes the appointment of MB’s as well as the religious head in a state. He is to remain neutral for the sake of the Rakyat. They use to be completely immune from prosecution until Tun Mahathir changes the laws. He has to be non partisan and must take an effort to ensure that he remains neutral in all aspects of governance. When the HRH make such statement of supporting a particular political party, it creates ill feeling among the Rakyat.

4. It really worries me when the HRH makes such a remarks especially in the current moment, the support for the need of having a Royal Family is waning significantly among the urban/semi-urban, young and middle age Malays in this country. The statement by the Sultan of Pahang may create further dissension among the people. It bothers me that the Malays that have been tolerating the many royal family and their antics in this country may just lose their tolerance. By being biased, HRH has opened a canned of worms wider.

5. Personally, I felt HRH should not have made such a statement. He has brought himself down to the level of a commoner and their politics. If by the will of the Almighty, PR is able to capture Pahang in the next GE, how would the Sultan reacts? Does it mean that he will not appoint the leader chosen by the Rakyat to govern them? Will he make life so difficult for the government of the day to function which will lead to problems of magnanimous proportion?

6. Over the years, more people in the streets begin to question the rights and the need to have so many royalties for a small country like Malaysia. The people who have high regards for the Royalty are getting lesser by the day. Their popularity dwindle when people gets to know how much it cost the state to maintain a royal family when hundreds of thousands are living in poverty. The Pahang and Johor Royalty are usually in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The Johor Royal family is always associated with thuggish behavior.

7. The most recent issue involve a bar fight between the Negeri Sembilan and Johor Royal Family. Apparently the Johor Royal Family had used gun and JMF body guards to assault the Negeri Royal Family. This does not augur well for the Royals.

8. Rumors over the years are rampant with stories of how the Pahang Sultan personal debt was settled by the Pahang State Government. There have been far too many stories over the years. Even the Perak Royalty which used to be well regarded by the people had their imaged tainted with the political crisis in Perak.

9. To remain important and useful, the Royal family must show that they have a greater foresight then politicians. They must thread the world of politics carefully in the best interest of the Rakyat. After all they have enough money to last 7 life time. Facts remains that only a small group of non-Malays really cares deeply about the need to have a Royal family. With the ways things are going, the Malays today are divided on the need to have so many Royals in Malaysia which means that the Royal Families has very little support of the people. If they think that the Royal Malay Regiment will defend them, I suggest they do a hard re-thinking.

10. If a member of a Royal family chose to bring their level down to the level of a commoner by their physical and verbal act, I suspect that they would lose the support of the majority of the Malays which may have an impact on the constitutional Monarchy system in the long run. In Kelantan, the hard line Malay Muslims are questioning whether having a Royalty is against the practice of Islam. Some even questions whether the people are respecting the Sultan more than the Prophet in their daily rituals when facing the Sultan.

11. I believe the best thing for a Royalty to do is that if he or she wants to be in politics, they should they should denounce their right to the throne and do not hide behind the royal veil where they cannot be criticized. It really saddened me with the act of the Pahang Sultan. He always said that he is open for criticism in his dealing with football in Malaysia. Respectfully Tuanku, you have failed the nation when it comes to football. I think you should stay away from politics.-“Patek pohon derhaka”

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